Digital lending, deposits & ecommerce.

Launch fast, offer your services everywhere & manage operations from anywhere.

Flexible. Secure. Scalable.

Iterate quickly

Make product or process changes anytime without involving IT.

Operate Securely

Set up bespoke security protocols to manage risk your way.

Scale effortlessly

Serve unlimited customers in any market by running in the cloud.

Quickly assemble your ideal platform

With our powerful Core Engine & 20+ Specialised Micro-Services to choose from, you will find everything you need to run & scale your fintech services on one portal.

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Enjoy infinite extendability.

What we do not already provide, you can easily add via integrations to any third parties of your choice. Our robust APIs let you endlessly extend your capabilities.

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Mobile & Web Apps

Save yourself the trouble of designing, building & maintaining separate native apps for Android, iOS & Web. Deliver services to online customers using our powerful hybrid applications that are only deployed once and work all smart devices.

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WhatsApp Conversational Interface

Deliver your services via WhatsApp using our wide range of digital assistants & bots for on-boarding, KYC, mobile banking, e-commerce, payments and more. No need to build and maintain smartphone apps for Android & iOS.

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USSD Interface & Wallet

Our USSD solution lets you deliver services to any customer with a mobile phone, in any country. on any mobile network. It is available 24/7 & doesn't require internet access, making it great for simple self-service offerings.

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Beautiful informative dashboards

Learn what you need to know about your portfolio or operations at a glance with our beautiful, visual dashboards.

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Field Agent Manager

Our Agent USSD solution helps you easily manage your field staff while making them more productive & efficient. It works on any mobile network, is available 24/7, & doesn't require internet access.

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Unified Customer View

Everything about each customer & transaction in one place. Eliminate operational friction and back-office enquiries by having a single source of truth, with granular access permissions for your staff.

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Payments Processing Automation

Increase your operational efficiency. Our digital interfaces let customers access your services both on and offline, while back-office tasks are automated to ensure 24/7 availability and reliability.

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Smooth Exception Handling

Easily resolve irregularities or transaction failures. Our simple workflows for handling exceptions accelerate the efforts of your support staff or completely replace human actions with preset outcomes.

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Integrated Task Management

Run operations like a well-oiled machine. Set certain events to automatically create action items for the relevant personnel or create ad hoc to-dos(assigned to yourself or others) the old-fashioned way.

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Integrated SMS & Email

Clear, timely communication solves problems in the front & back office. Integrate custom SMS & Email notifications or alerts into your workflows so they’re automatically sent to both customers & staff.

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Forensic Audit Trail

Go beyond just keeping track. Actively manage risk in real-time. Finplus not only logs all user actions but also lets you set process requirements, allowing the system to automatically enforce compliance checks.

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Realtime Reporting

Automate your operational reporting. Our configurable set-and-forget reports display the status of your transactional operations in real-time & make it possible to view all your KPIs at glance.

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In-built Accounting

Simplify your portfolio accounting. Our configurable accounting module generates your Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statements as well as other financial information based on your transactional data.

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Endless Extendability

Finplus is designed for growth. Our stable & robust APIs allow you to integrate an unlimited number of third party applications with the platform & access their interfaces within one single-sign-on dashboard.

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Consultative Project Implementation

Phase 1: We learn your business requirements

We discuss your requirements, the options available & propose a solution design.


Phase 2: We contract & setup the platform

Upon signing the contract & payment of the setup fee, we implement based on requirements.

Phase 3: We train your team, test & go live

We do User Acceptance Testing & Training, then transition from staging to Live production.


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