Effortless digital finance.

Finplus automates front & back-office operations for all your digital financial services. Our intelligent software handles the  so you can focus on your core business.


Finplus offers a wide range of modular solutions that allow you to craft a superior user experience journey for your customers on both web and mobile platforms as well as bespoke back-end processes and dashboards to suit your operational workflows.

More Efficiency.

Your Finance, Risk & Credit teams don’t have to waste time doing grunt-work. Finplus can augment your staff’s capabilities or fully automate operational processes that are crucial to the success of your organization so you still get everything done, only faster and without wasting valuable manpower.


Finplus lets your Risk teams easily set robust controls for different processes, specify permissions for different users & applications to the granular level as well as set notifications to the relevant personnel. This allows the system to monitor every action for compliance 24/7 & gives the right people visibility even when they are out of office.


By digitizing your teams’ processes Finplus makes it possible for them to better track efficiency, performance & risk as well as the relationships between them. You can measure everything, create relationships between data points to analyze what’s important and visualize the results in different ways on our clear, crisp dashboards & reports.

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Finplus software has already saved these Teams & Organizations over 103,000 man-hours.

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