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The Finplus Group is a technology company helping Financial Services Providers operate more efficiently and reach more customers through automation. Finplus was founded to address the fundamental problem of Financial Exclusion which is arguably one of the biggest challenges of our time.


Finplus impact after 24 months

Over 2 billion adults worldwide currently lack access to formal financial services according to the World Bank. 73% of them live in 25 countries, all emerging markets across Africa, South America and South Asia. We believe access to financial services should not be a privilege. It should be a human right available to everyone, everywhere, who wishes to participate in the modern economy & are working to make this a reality.

Finplus connects existing Financial Service Providers with the technology required to improve their operational efficiency and extend their reach, enabling these crucial services to touch the lives of everyone – especially those living in remote areas.



Our Vision

To create a world where everyone can instantly access basic financial services anytime, anywhere, regardless of location, language or economic circumstance.


Our Approach

It’s a big goal and fortunately, our approach to the problem means we have a lot of help. Over 36,000 Financial Services Providers (FSPs) globally, from Banks and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) to Credit Unions (SACCOs) and Financial Services Associations (FSAs) are all independently working towards providing both for-profit and non-profit financial services to as many people as possible. However, they are facing several serious challenges, chief among them: Low capital efficiency, Broken processes and Underdeveloped ecosystems. We believe that these particular challenges can be overcome through innovative approaches supported by the right technologies. So instead of re-building the wheel, Finplus combines the power of our robust digital finance technologies with the existing infrastructure of Financial Services Providers globally to accelerate progress towards the goal of universal access to financial services, with a primary focus on the 25 countries that are home to 73% of the world’s unbanked adults.


Our Solution

As a first step towards solving this problem, Finplus provides automation software for easy management of digital finance operations at scale.

Finplus platform on devices


Our platform makes it easier and significantly more cost effective to provide or expand Digital Financial Services in any market by automating significant parts of a financial service provider’s front & back-office operations. We handle all the repetitive heavy lifting so Financial Services Providers can focus on their core business and serve as many people and businesses as possible, with universally accessible offerings & faster, more innovative service delivery methods.